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This Series X era Xbox controller is £36 with code on Ebay

A great price for a top PC controller that's normally £55

Microsoft's Xbox One controller was already one of the very best PC gamepads, and its Series X|S era refresh made it even better with a massive upgrade to the d-pad, face buttons and reduced latency. Today you can pick up a 'open box but never used' (read: seller refurbished, but excellent condition) Xbox controller for only £35.62 with the code XBOXSAVINGS2021 - more than 33% off the usual price of £54.99.

If you're playing any number of genres on PC - racing, fighting, Dark Souls, flight sims - then a controller can be a much comfier way to play and this is a great way to do it.

There are actually two options here - the controller in Robot White and Black. You'll find the code is applied automatically at the checkout, so you don't even have to worry about typing it in - nice.

Normally we'd not advise you to pick up refurbished controllers, but given the sterling reputation of the seller (99.9% positive feedback), the 12 month warranty offered and the additional discount code, the savings here are substantial enough to warrant it.

Beyond this particular deal, why the Xbox Series controller in general? Well, as we alluded to in the introduction, this controller has seen significant improvements over the Xbox One version. The d-pad is noticeablely more precise, making it easier to navigate in 2D games or produce complicated inputs in fighting games, while the face buttons feel more snappy and tactile, almost like a mechanical switch.

There's a new Share button which can be used in Steam to take screenshots too. The shape of the controller is also improved, making it more comfortable to hold for long periods.

In short, it's a big upgrade over its predecessor and still has all the existing advantages - including a choice of a wired USB-C connection, Bluetooth for connecting to a wide range of devices including iPads and iPhones, or low-latency wireless when you pick up an Xbox Wireless Adapter (which also allows some Xbox headsets, like the Xbox Wireless Headset, to connect to your PC.) Oh, and it works out of the box with the Xbox Series X/S and One/One X, of course. That's a small benefit right there.

What do you think of this deal? Let us know in the comments below.

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