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This Skyrim Mod Will Take You Into The Danger Zone

Get me a hotel room and aviator glasses.

According to international law, I am not allowed to post the video I made playing of myself playing this Skyrim Mod, which changes the fighting music into Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. Now, I'll admit there hundreds of reasons and at least three court orders that should prevent me from going anywhere near recording equipment, but I am sad that one of them is "A man in his pants enjoying a game and wants you to share it with the world." It seems like my happiness, and the happiness others would get from it, should override petty rules and regulations, particularly when it involves Skyrim and the Top Gun soundtrack.

But nooooo, my attempt to spread a little copyright infringing joy on this cold winter's day was blocked. The best I can do is send you to a close approximation I mocked up on Youtube Doubler, or you could just play the mod yourself. It really, really does soundtrack every fight with Danger Zone, which is the best and the worst thing I can say about it.

And now I want more dynamic and cheesy music for my wanderings. The fact that I don't shout "Stop! Hammertime!" when delivering the Dragon Shout that slows time is weighing heavily on my conscience.

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