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This Valheim mod lets you scream at the ocean to fish

Who needs a rod, when you have your voice?

Valheim is a fairly relaxing viking survival sim, with plenty of peaceful activities to partake in. One of which definitely isn't mining, but fishing sure counts. Ah, nothing beats casting your rod out to sea, waiting for ages, having to manage your stamina bar, and reeling those suckers in does it? Well, yes, actually. There's a mod which lets you hoover up fish with just the boom of your voice.

A modder by the name of "aedenthorn" has created a mod called "HERE FISHY" which replaces the traditional act of fishing with a big scream. With this mod equipped, you simply stand by the sea, strike a triumphant pose, yell "Here fishy, fishy fishy!", and nearby fish are automatically plucked out of the ocean, straight into your pockets.

Here's a video of the mod in action:

The creator also notes you can turn off the sounds and adjust the fish jump arc if you'd rather feel like Magneto.

This yell-fishing method was heavily inspired by Ernie's 'Fish Call' from children's TV show Sesame Street. In fact, the yell is practically identical to Ernie's, along with the comical whizz of the fish as they flop into your inventory. It is art in its purest form.

Admittedly, I haven't done any fishing in Valheim yet. But, I have watched people fishing! And let me tell you, this looks far less finicky. I mean, there's no need for a rod, or bait, or to make sure you've got your stamina bar topped up. None of that nonsense. Instead, this mod lets your vocal cords do the work, and the fish happily oblige.

Aedenthorn touts the compassion of this method of fishing too. They argue that this is no normal fishing, no "macabre game of tug-of-war". Although, the fish do still get chopped into chunks the moment they enter your pockets. Still, they proclaim that this is a "scientifically proven" better way. So I can't argue with that, or Ernie.

When it comes to other useful Valheim mods, this world generator is super handy for bagging yourself a decent world seed. And these mods should make life a bit easier.

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