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This Valheim world generator is super handy for sleuthing good seeds

Get the lay of the land for any seed

Viking crafting adventure Valheim doesn't need an introduction anymore, right? Good, on to the fun stuff then. Valheim's worlds are all procedurally generated, meaning you may have had lovely or lousy luck with the locations of bosses and biomes in your first world. Before you go starting up a new one at random, check out this handy Valheim world generator. It lets you sleuth out maps ahead of time so you can shop around before you load in.

One player who's also a software engineer created the super useful Valheim world generator which will show you the locations of all sorts of things for a particular world seed. You can see the entire world map, including biomes. You can also toggle settings to see the location of different bosses, structures, runestones, and other points of interest you might be hunting for.

The creator says that not all seeds come out quite perfectly yet though. "It turns out some incredibly subtle difference between web and PC prevent generation from being perfectly accurate all the time," they explain. They're working on a solution for the browser version of the tool but say they've created an application version in the meantime that seems to be more accurate.

I tried out my own seed, which you can see next to the world generator version up top. It came out accurate based on what I've seen of my own map so far.

Exploring Valheim's map firsthand is part of the fun, so you may not want to plug in your own world's seed like I did. I can't unsee how close one of the world bosses is to the village my pals and I have been building so I'll just have to do my best not to tell them when the time comes.

If you've got other intentions though, it's a nice tool to have. I'm not in the market for a second world seed just yet, but when I am I'll definitely plug in a few to see about picking a convenient starting point. It could also be great for taking advantage of how your Valheim character's inventory persists across worlds. I can definitely see shopping for a seed with a particular biome close to spawn so my pals and I can mine for resources on one world and then ferry them back to our main world after.

If you don't want to do a bunch of guessing and checking yourself, here are the best Valheim seeds we've found so far. You might also want to check out some of the Valheim mods that can make the game just a bit more convenient.

Ta, PCGamesN.

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