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This Week's MEGADEAL: Humble Paradox Bundle

Sound the alarm and lock up your wallets, those gents and gentesses at Humble Bundles are roving for your cash once more. After the stratospheric success of the Humble Origin Bundle, you'd think they'd calm down a bit. But no, their ever hungering need to supply you with cheap, brilliant games has flared once more. Paradox are up for it this time, with a selection of their titles available for a dollar an up, two more at six and every game they've ever published (excepting Europa Universalis 4 and DLC) for $125. Value. More details and what RPS thought of the various games after the cut.

So, for less than the cost of a cheeseburger you can get:

War of the Roses: Kingmaker, a 3rd person 15th century stab-em-up. This will also give you access to the upcoming War of the Vikings.
Warlock, a fantasy turn based strategy game.
Dungeonland, a four person co-op dungeon crawler which Jim had a chat about with the devs.
Leviathan: Warships, a fleet-based strategic action game. Read wot Adam thought.
The Showdown Effect, a callback to 80s kablam-em-ups. Read wot Adam thought.
Europa Universalis 3 Complete, the grandest strategy title.

Then if you can somehow stretch that little bit further to a full happy meal, you'll receive:

Magicka, the incredibly messy, incredibly fun explode-your-friends simulator.
Crusader Kings II, medieval deep strategy which Adam won't shut up about.

Finally, for the rather hefty sum of $125, there's all of this stuff minus EU4. Adding this all up reveals a rather impressive saving of $606.56, give or take various conversion math problems and Steam's "unique" way of pricing games in different regions. Probably worth it. Our small but growing Linux audience may also be interested to know that CK2, Teleglitch and Knights of Pen & Paper as well as the unincluded EU4 are all available on the platform.

So, are you going in? Honestly, even I'm tempted and I barely have the patience to put my socks on in the morning, nevermind this grand strategy nonsense. If you ever some how exhaust this sheer amount of game, Paradox do have a habit of releasing mountains of DLC. Some may deride this but you'll never have nothing new to play and, let's be honest, saying the Europa Universalis guys sold you less than a full game is probably missing a trick.

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