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Thanks, Oth: 140 Dev Announces New Shmup, Thoth

Thanks, Thoth - Ththoth

Platform game 140 got Graham a-groovin' and a-boppin' back in 2013 with cheery rhythmic bouncing quite different to designer Jeppe Carlsen's work on gothdeath bouncer Limbo. Well, the years since then have seen Carlsen release another grimgrim platformer with the Limbo lot, Inside, and apparently work on another colourful project of his own. Over the weekend, Carlsen announced Thoth [Steam page], a colourful shoot 'em up that'll be published by Double Fine in October. It's got local co-op and all. Here, check out the teensy announcement trailer:

I enjoy those sounds. Marketing fluff talks about "an intense unnerving soundtrack" from Cristian Vogel and SØS Gunver Ryberg, so I can only hope those trailer noises are actual in-game noises too. Also good: the colours.

"The imposing aesthetics and the relentlessly demanding gameplay eventually induces a trance-like state in the player," says the fluff. Between this, Thumper, and Devil Daggers, 2016 is looking good for screaming trances.

As for quite what players will be doing in Thoth's twin-stick zap-zaps (a controller is required, unsurprisingly), the fluff says:

"Though it's deeply rooted in the arcade tradition, Thoth also brings something unique to the table. Each stage in the game is specifically designed to require both puzzle solving and finesse to get through. Players constantly need to think about positioning and timing while making sure to both dodge enemies and avoid collisions."

October. I can wait. I've got Devil Daggers to tide me over. Thumper's due in October too, you know.

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