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Thymesia is a gloomy action RPG with zippy melee combat

Beat up plague sufferers with their own diseases

It's always a pleasure to stumble across an indie game you've not heard of before, especially one that looks big and polished, like it's going to toe-to-toe with much bigger games. That's how it feels to look at Thymesia, an action-RPG with a grim setting and zippy melee combat against plague-infested brutes.

Look at this trailer for a sense of what its combat will be like to play, and of what sort of world you'll be exploring.

OverBorder, a Taiwanese development team, have been posting videos of the game for a couple of years, but the trailer above announces their publishing deal with Team 17. Only seven people work at OverBorder, so it's no surprise they've partnered up.

Key to the game's world is that it has been ravaged by a plague, and Corvus, the game's protagonist, is able to seize "enemy diseases and [use] them as weapons against his adversaries," according to the press release. Swords, scythes and spears are seen above, but I'm guessing the moments when they turn green is representative of Corvus wielding the diseases in some way.

Lots of the combat also involves carefully timed dodges and parries. In the press release, it explains that you'll be able to customise Corvus for different playstyles, and upgrade his stats as you play so that each playthrough is different. Knowing me, I will lose to the first boss and never progress any further.

Every year seems to bring more games in this vein.

Damn, there's not a lot of information to share about Thymesia at this stage. Awkward! Really regretting trying to turn this post into an acrostic at this point.

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