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Most Able: Fallout's Tim Cain Joins Obsidian

Good, in fact excellent, tidings for those who find themselves able to enjoy Fallouts both old and new, and for anyone who lived through the 90s heyday of PC RPGs. Tim Cain, the main brain behind the original Fallout and later co-founder of the much-missed Troika, has fetched up at Obsidian. Until this July, he was at Carbine, working since 2005 on what turned out to be Wildstar, but today we discover that he's now Senior Programmer at the Fallout: New Vegas/ KOTOR 2 devs. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE.

This originated via a Facebook spot by a member of the Obisidan forums, but has since been verified by a glance at LinkedIn.

Obviously, we don't have a clue whether or not he'll work on a Fallout game - that's going to be up to Bethesda - but hopefully it spells good things for Obisidan's ever-valiant but uneven roleplaying output. And it means he's now working with the likes of Chris Avellone and Feargus Urquhart, as well as fellow Fallout co-creator Chris Jones, which makes for quite the RPG supergroup.

Interesting to note that Cain's title is Senior Programmer, given his Carbine title was Design Director. Going back to his roots, perhaps?

The only known Obsidian game in development at the moment is an adaptation of Robert Jordan's The Wheel Of Time, but hopefully they're experimenting with something original too. They've worked with other people's properties for almost their entire existence, bar the divisive Alpha Protocol: I'd love to see them bust out entirely and spectacularly on their own at last.

Thanks, João.

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