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Tiny homes are everywhere, even No Man's Sky

Don't waste space in space

You might have thought the tiny home craze had begun to pass but you'd be quite wrong, it seems. Micro living has launched itself off the face of the earth and straight into space thanks to No Man's Sky players. Folks have now started building tiny cube homes in the space sandbox on collectively-colonized planets.

If tiny living got you back into the Sims 4 again, perhaps tiny space habitation will take you back to No Man's Sky as well. There's a puzzle-y allure to making do with as little space as possible and that goes double for the terraform-able landscapes in Hello Games' technicolor space sandbox.

As spotted by Polygon, thinks kicked off with "Galactic Geographic" challenging players to build cube homes with a total of just eight cube rooms in a 2x2x2 formation. Players began settling on planet Earisu in the Cetra III system and plopping down their itty bitty creations.

Another group of players called the Alliance of Galactic Travelers has picked up on the concept as well, starting its own tiny base colony. AGT founding member "Zaz Ariins" has been sharing a bunch of builds created by players.

I thought that Sims 4 players achieved great things in tiny spaces (and they do) but dang if NMS players aren't doing just as much. Here are some of the neat builds that have been shared so far:

This player built a tiny home atop a pixelated mural of Einstein's face that's visible from space. Why? Why not.

Here's one player's jaunty disco cube lighting up the night:

Zas Ariins' own contribution is a cube adorned with green space fronds:

I'll never not be impressed with what No Man's Sky players are still doing year after year. It's one of the best space games on PC and, if you hadn't heard, it has organic, living ships now.

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