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Tiny Twitch - The Game Whose Code Fits In A Tweet

Microgaming for a microblog

As the rest of the country complains about a heatwave I am indoors wearing a long-sleeved shirt and complaining about trying to beat Graham's high score at Tiny Twitch [Github page] - a game whose code fits in a single tweet.

Tiny Twitch was created by Alex Yoder (whose music has featured in games like Crawl by Powerhoof) in response to a challenge by game developer Ben Porter:

As you might guess Tiny Twitch is a very simple affair. The aim of the game is to click an X which appears onscreen. Each time you click the X it reappears in a different location and when the time runs out you get your high score.

The version in the header is actually a second pass at the challenge with some tidying and a bug fix. Here's the original:

Graham just messaged me being all "My best score is 19!" because he is a smug jerk. My high score is currently 17 and I intend to play Tiny Twitch for the exact duration it takes to get a high score of 20 and then retire*.

*Or exploit the fact that clicking after the game ends gradually pushes up the score. It's too hot to legitimately win, you guys!

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