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Tinykin looks like Pikmin inside a giant house

It's coming out next year

I get a childlike sense of glee from playing games that let me run around as a miniature human in a world that's far too big for them. Add a dash of Pikmin to that, and you've really caught my interest. The newly announced puzzle platformer Tinykin seems to provide exactly that: it's about a very small astronaut exploring a giant house with the help from lots of little one-eyed alien pals.

"It's the year 2748 and Milo has re-discovered Earth," it says in a press release. "He'd go down in history for this achievement, but when he lands on the planet he encounters a problem... He's as small as a penny. And everybody's gone. And it's the '90s."

The trailer shows Milo using launching his extraterrestrial followers (the tinykin) at things to move or break them, as well as stacking up the little beasts to use as a ladder. Different tinykin have different powers too, though Milo has his own share of abilities. He can grind on rails, float using a bubble on his head and more. It looks really lovely, plus you can visit some ants playing teeny tiny guitars inside of a normal sized guitar. Excellent stuff.

It's being developed by Splashteam, a studio composed of former Ubisoft Montpellier devs who worked on games like Rayman and Rabbids. Splashteam previously made Splasher, a game that Graham reckons is like a 2D Portal 2.

Tinykin is set to release sometime next year on Steam. Check out the game's website for more.

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