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TISIC IZIEB is a cute little dino telekinesis puzzler

Escape the room with mind power

Poking around in the Ludum Dare 37 entries I found TISIC IZIEB [Itch page], a game which takes the "One Room" theme and translates it into a push-and-pull room escape puzzle. I like how neat it is and the potential for truly fiendish puzzles.

The idea is that you are a blocky character - I think a dinosaur in a beret? - and you can use your powers of telekinesis to either push objects away from you or pull them towards you. The complication is that you're on a tiled grid so there's not the luxury of analogue wiggle room when positioning the objects, plus when you push objects away you push them in all four directions so you need to take a bit of care over where exactly you're standing.

I think the title translates as "Thousand rooms" so I'm assuming that relates to the puzzle possibilities.


I'm currently stuck on the final level in the build which is a nice feeling as it proves the puzzling has a bit of bite (or that I've accidentally brewed decaf again instead of actual coffee). But yes, there's a browser version or you can download it free of charge and the art style is very sweet.

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