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Clickclick: Titan Quest's Big Anniversary Edition Update


Today, in news I didn't think I'd be writing: peachy-keen action-RPG Titan Quest [official site] has received a huge update, more than ten years after its release. Everyone who owned Titan Quest on Steam is now upgraded to the Anniversary Edition, where performance is improved, bugs are fixed, balance is tweaked, GameSpy guff is cut, and oh, the Immortal Throne expansion is included free too. Cripes! The game's now sold on GOG and all. Unlike the terrible creature wearing the skin of Atari, the creature that's trying on the skin of THQ seems quite friendly so far.

It's a cracker of a patch - check out the patch notes and coo as they keep scrolling down, down, ever down. It sounds like everything you'd want or need to update Titan Quest for modern computers with our big fancy screens (UI scaling! more zooming!) and our not-wanting-GameSpy-anywhere-near-our-Internet (the Steam version supports Steamy multiplayer bits like Friend invites too, not to mention a Steam Workshop for mods). That'd be peachy in itself. The huge balance overhaul, though, ooh that's a nice touch beyond what's necessary.

Everyone who owned Titan Quest on Steam is now upgraded to the Anniversary Edition, which includes the expansion whether you had it or not.

If you don't already own it, hey, Titan Quest Anniversary is on sale. It's down to £4.49/4,99€/$4.99 on Steam for the next week and £3.89 on GOG. I don't believe the Anniversary update is coming to ye olde CD-based Titan Quest but heck, that's a minor problem for such a big gesture.

"After our name change from 'Nordic Games' to 'THQ Nordic', we wanted a running start for our new identity and had to think about how to begin the new era with the most positive connotation possible (for a publisher)," the publishers say in the launch announcement. Yeah, this isn't bad.

As for Titan Quest developers Iron Lore, well, they're long-dead but a fair few members did go on to found Crate Entertainment and make new action-RPG Grim Dawn.

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