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Titanfall 2 has had a surge of new players

A new chance to play it online if you wanna

Apex Legends' next character is called Valkyrie, and she's the daughter of a Titan pilot you fight in Titanfall 2. She'll be added to the game as part of season 9, which is called the Legacy update.

So it's fitting - and presumably planned - that a lot of folks seem to be playing Titanfall 2 all of a sudden.

At the time of writing, over 10,000 people are playing Titanfall 2 on Steam. Earlier this afternoon the number was over 15,000, and it's been the same for the past week. These are the highest numbers the game has had since it was added to Steam in June 2020.

Titanfall 2 is currently discounted by 75%, but it's had several deep discounts over the past year without anywhere near the same number of players piling in. The more likely cause is that the Legacy update has prompted increased interest, backed up by an increase in streaming.

This is good news if you're a Titanfall 2 fan, because it's now easier than it has been in a long-time to get a multiplayer game of it going. If you're glum that Apex Legends doesn't have the big stompy mechs, and I am, then this is your chance to give them a go again.

It's also good news because Titanfall 2 is a great singleplayer game. I wouldn't play it for its story or lore, which is neither good nor memorable, but it has some stand-out level design and set-pieces.

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