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Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Patch Adds Solo Private Play

Parkour practice

I've not had a crack at multiplayer in Titanfall 2 [official site] because oooh isn't that singleplayer fun. However, folks who have leapt into competitive action will be glad to hear that developers Respawn Entertainment gave multiplayer a touch-up with a patch over the weekend. Along with tweaking balance a bit, it also added a support for playing private matches on your tod. If you've fretted about falling flat on your face in the online playground, hey, now you can practise movement and learn maps in quiet solo study.

And oh me oh my, what movement it is! Titanfall 2 understands that moving around an FPS can be rewarding in itself. My favourite level is not That One Everyone Talks About but That One With All The Moving Parts because it was such a joy to navigate.

Anyway! Respawn posted the patch notes on Reddit. They've rebalanced the Legion (minigun) and Tone (semi-auto cannon) titans, fixed a few bugs and problems, and changed the Map Hack power. Rather than being always on, it'll reveal players' locations in pulses. And yes, you can start Private Matches without anyone else.

I'm quite keen to launch into Titanfall 2's multiplayer when I get the time this week. I know I've grumped about its mega-chunky Wingman revolver being quite far down the unlock tree but, after carrying it through half the singleplayer campaign, it's the Mozambique shotgun pistol I really want - and that unlocks at only level 10. I'm sure I can get that quick enough! Some of my other favourites are in the starting unlocks anyway.

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