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Lotta Bots: All Titanfall Updates Except Maps To Be Free

Updates to come more frequently from now on

Are the best things in life free? Are they really? I don't know, but I do know that giant-robot-related things are pretty darn cool, and those are going to be free from now until the end of time. Well, Titanfall time. Respawn's laid out its update roadmap, promising more information, regular tweaks and additions, new modes, and free everything - except for map packs. That's a shame because it fragments the community, which in turn fragments my heart. OK not really, but it is kind of a pain.

Respawn announced in a blog post that it's more or less figured out its ideal groove in terms of update frequency, which means we can expect more changes and additions at a more rapid pace soon. Game director Steve Fukuda explained:

"Our plans for supporting Titanfall are simple. We'll keep you better informed between updates, and we'll deliver free updates to you on a regular basis."

"Beyond features, there's more tangible content coming as well. Some of the new content we are developing for future updates include a new Burn Card set, and Titan "Nose Art" Insignias that you can use to customize the identity of your Titan. We are also developing new game modes and game mode variants. New maps? As you may know from PAX East, we announced the 'Expedition' map pack going on sale in May. (Note that with the exception of map packs, all other updates to Titanfall will be free of charge.)"

Also on the docket: balance tweaks and fixes (think the most recent patch), convenience features like the ability to make custom loadouts specific to modes, and infrastructural changes like a non-beta, fully fleshed out private match option.

So basically, Respawn is hoping to make Titanfall stick around for quite some time, like your (giant robot) cousin who asked to sleep on your couch for a few days only to stay glued to it for months. Speaking personally, I really hope the new maps and modes shake-up basic game flow a bit more drastically than the current selection. I adored you once, Titanfall, but you're kind of a one-trick (giant robot) pony. Who is a giant robot because I feel like I forgot to mention that.

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