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To Arms: King's Bounty Legions Open Beta

King's Bounty: Legions, the "the fighting bits" Facebook version of the King's Bounty series, is now in open beta. Which means if you weren't one of our lucky subscribers who got access to the closed beta, even you can play. Yes, we instinctively sneer because of the word "Facebook", but the day is coming when a perfectly decent selection of games will be on it, and some of them might not be begging for your change every few seconds. Legions is still begging for change, of course, but it actually seems a pretty decent effort. It does seem a shame to have KB with all the in-betweeny stuff removed, but after my quick go the battles seem just as good.

Despite having deleted my FB account, and generally loathing the ubiquitous existence of the site (for instance, it just stole the cursor away from this window halfway through the word "ubiquitous", which hasn't suddenly made me like it more), I have reluctantly created a friendless account just for playing games as they appear. Because I like games, and I like playing games on my PC, and I'd be a stubborn idiot to rule out a source of such things.

If you want to have a got at the beta version, all you need do is head here, and wait for it to load. (It's much faster at loading after the first time.)

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King's Bounty: Legions

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