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To Serve And Project: Ether

Ether is an indie adventure game set in an alternate history where "mental disease and illness can be cured by individuals who possess the unique gift of ethereal projection". Sounding a little like a first-person To The Moon, the game plants the player character in the mind of a client, traps him, and asks him to explore, solve puzzles and delve into memories. The trailer has made me as curious as a doomed cat, with a stylish aesthetic and a bit of Inception BWAAAAARing, which is yesterday's dubstep. It's also the only game I can think of that proudly lists "cornish culture" as an inspiration, which I can only assume means it's based on the works of Aphex Twin.

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Those are just trailer BWAAAAAARS apparently, with a wholly different audio style in the works for the actual game. Also worth mentioning is that the framerate issues are apparently an issue with the uploaded video rather than a feature of the fractured mind you'll be exploring. Despite the QR-Code at the end, it's not necessary to own a smartphone to access any content, although scanning them will be an optional method of revealing narrative.

After the disappointment of Anna (full WIT soon), I'm keen to have my faith in first-person adventuring restored and what better game to do it than one starring a person known as a 'restorer'? The story of healing and memory could be intriguing but more than anything I'm just pleased to see another game harnessing the weird beauty of these British isles.

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