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Today Is The (Pay)day (2): Launch Trailer Within 

Payday 2, Overkill's co-operative heist 'em up, eventually had to come out with its hands up, and they've decided today is that day. They've chosen to let us know with a launch trailer, and actually released it on launch day. That's a rarity for the games industry. It is one of those frozen moment type deals, where the action of a heist has been stopped in the most cinematically pleasing way and the camera zooms around to take it all in: bullets are caught in the air like bubbles in ice, blood spurts from wounds like the red branches from a meat tree, police dropping like Del Boy* at a bar when someone has paused a DVD of "TV's 100 Greatest Del Boys Falling Through The Bar". It is embedded below.

Now everyone can join in on the bad fun and commit crimes. Has anyone been playing it? I had an odd moment the other day when I was messing about: amidst all the guard murdering, police shooting, and civilian traumatising, I was asked to ferry some cocaine to its destination. I instantly became one of those hypocrite criminals who didn't want to "deal with that kind of malarky". My honest, murderous criminalising was tainted as I was forced to carry the blanca poison to its destination. I was glad when we failed that mission, I tell you. I then quit out and never returned to my life of crime, though I did play some Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer.

Payday 2 is out today, and it's pretty decent and has nice guns.

*For the readers not aware of this moment, it is from the UK telebox show "Only Fools & Horses". It has appeared on every show that lists other TV shows.

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Payday 2

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