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Tokyo 42 releases new DLC and a free charming English village

Tokyo 40 new

I've been calling Tokyo 42's new DLC "Smace-shi's Castles" in my head for the past 20 minutes now, so it's stuck that way forever now. I don't know what the name could possibly be referencing. The DLC adds 90 new missions, new weapons and more to the isometric shooter, and there's also a new free multiplayer map "inspired by a village in the Stratford-upon-Avon district of Warwickshire". I've popped a trailer and more deets after the jump.

That's the Smaceshi's Castle 'challenge arena' which come with the paid-for DLC, but for a more relaxing time you can visit the Bishops Itchington map for free. It's a nice contrast to the techno-sprawl of the rest of the game, featuring greenery aplenty.

SMAC games (oh, so that's how that name happened) have also made "significant changes to bullets and combat based on player feedback." Sounds like that might not have fixed Alec's main problem with Tokyo 42 though, who would have recommended the game wholeheartedly were it not hindered by pesky camera controls. Here it is from the horse's mouth:

"Tokyo 42 is an inventive and strikingly attractive game, with a very natural blend of stealth, combat and figuring out a path, unfortunately hamstrung somewhat by absolute fealty to its isometric perspective. I alternated between the beautiful tension of sneaking through busy places (personally, I incline towards the silent kills of a katana rather than the Syndicate-esque mass destruction of miniguns and rocket launchers) and the jaw-clenched annoyance of death-by-camera. An impressive accomplishment, but sometimes a grating one too."

There's a sale to coincide with the launch of the DLC: you can get both it and the main game for 20% off until it ends at 5pm today. At its normal price, the DLC will set you back £5.79/$7.69/€7.69 on Steam.

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Tokyo 42

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