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Donate $1 To Charity And Get A Copy Of Tomb Raider

Donate to help children facing life-threatening illnesses

If you donate $1 or more to GameChanger between now and April 5th, you'll receive a digital copy of 2013's Tomb Raider reboot. That's while supplies last, at any rate, and there's no indication of how many supplies are available.

The donations will contribute toward a very good cause. GameChanger will use funds to fulfill its "mission of improving the lives of children facing life-threatening illnesses through gaming". That includes financial support for families and carers as well as gaming events and gifts.

While not up to the standards of follow-up Rise of the Tomb Raider, which makes improvements but has flaws all of its own, Crystal Dynamics' survivalist take on Lara Croft is definitely worth a look.

You can read more about GameChanger on their website and more about the twenty years of Tomb Raider event that the charity drive is part of over on Tumblr. I did not know Tomb Raider had a Tumblr and now I would like some kind of Tumblr Raider spin-off game. I guess you'd have to dig through blogs looking for specific #content related to some mythological conceit and then a bear would maul you?

A $1 donation is enough to secure a copy of the game but there are higher tier rewards as well.

$20+ Donations - 2 chances to win prizes!
- Entered into drawing to win a Collector's Edition of Rise of the Tomb Raider, a Crystal Dynamics swag bag & more awesome items related to the Lara Croft seres! (over $89.99 value - US donors only)
- Entered into drawing to win GameChanger's Tomb Raider Grand Prize Giveaway - includes 1 XBOX One console, 5 XBOX One games, accessories, swag & more! (over $600 value - US donors only)
- Receive incentives offered at previous donation levels

$50+ Donations
- First 25 to donate $50 receive a Tomb Raider poster! (US donors only)
- Receive a GameChanger Gratitude Package - personalized Thank You Letter, GameChanger swag & more! (US donors only)
- Receive incentives offered at previous donation levels (ie entered into $25 & $20 prize drawings)

I'm never quite sure whether Lara keeps all of the treasure she finds for herself. She's a wealthy type so probably doesn't need to keep it even to fund her extravagant expeditions, but I don't remember her ever mentioning museums or historical/cultural foundations of any sort.

At least if you get a copy of the game this way, you'll be giving a little something back. Even if Lara doesn't.

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