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Top Shelf: Drunken Robot Pornography Alpha Keys

The fine folks at DejobAaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAAn wish to invite you to peruse their Drunken Robot Pornography. They'll even let you play with it if you sign up for the alpha. The mailing list would only be used to send out a Steam key for DRP's alpha, discount codes and other such offers. No news/spam will be sent, they assure me, but there are thousands of alpha keys waiting to wing their way to RPS readers right now. The game allows players to construct arenas and and titanic robots, which then wage war on Boston from above and can only be stopped by a chap or chapess with a jetpack and a gun. The catchy intro explains all.

OK, maybe that didn't quite explain everything but it certainly cheered me up on this cold, shiversome Friday. The cheeky chap below has something for you though.

"Tush! If it's alpha footage you're after, my old shiner, then you've come to the right place."

I've already got a code because I'm a Very Important Internet Person. If you'd like to join me in the VIIP room, where lasers do battle with titanium titans, follow this link. I haven't actually had time to play yet but I'm giddily reminded of Unreal Tournament's DM-Morpheus, drifting between skyscrapers, sniping and instagibbing. I plan to recreate it as closely as possible.

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