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Total Warhammer's Wood Elves expansion now blooming

Make like a tree and get out of here

I'm sure wood elves are lovely folks but I know if I ever see one, there's no way I'm not ending up mulched around a sapling. If that sounds a lark to you, hey, the Wood Elves have arrived in Total Warhammer [official site] with today's launch of its latest expansion. 'Realm of the Wood Elves' adds the murderous hippy army with their own units, their own story campaign, and a few twists that make them different to play. Read what we made of them when we played a preview version.

Wood Elves being, y'know, wood elves are fond of swift attacks with some fearsome cavalry and archers who can fire even while moving. They're also friends with trees. Do not anger trees.

Realm of The Wood Elves is £13.99/17,49€ on Steam. Even without buying it, you can now enjoy new Twarhammer stuff. A free update today added new maps along with Grey Wizards and Jade Wizards.

Here's a gameplay trailer showing off how Wood Elves play on the campaign map.

And here they are in battle:

If you've ever carved your name into a tree's bark, know that an elf is coming to carve the tree's name into your face. I once met this tortured tree on the shore of Loch Lomond and knew better than to check those names against missing tourist reports.

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