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Total Warhammer DLC ended with Bretonnia as devs switch to sequel

So long, Old World!

As the fantasy Frenchman of Bretonnia arrive in Total War: Warhammer [official site] today with a free update, The Creative Assembly have announced they're done with this instalment of the Twarhammer trilogy. The plan all along has been for one core game followed by two stacking standalone expansions, and the devs say they're stuck well into the second part. While they don't say quite where or who this will add, it will be leaving the Old World.

Speaking of new places, The Creative Assembly also teased that they're working on a new game set in an era they've not visited before.

"We want to make the most incredible fantasy trilogy possible," brand director Rob Bartholomew said in today's announcement.

"And with Bretonnia, we're bringing our time in the Old World to a close. Production on the sequel to TW: Warhammer has been underway for some time already and is now a key focus for the studio. It's time to travel to new lands and discover new races."

The Old World is the European-y area of the world of Warhammer, where most of the human factions live. Where's next? Who knows! But if it doesn't have Skaven, there will be blood in the RPS treehouse. Somewhat confusingly, 'Old World' is also a name used to differentiate between the old Warhammer setting and Age of Sigmar, the unpopular 2015 reboot. I'd be astonished if they ditch this mid-trilogy to repeat a mistake, mind.

The plan for Total War's expansions has been to sell them standalone but, I believe, make them able to hook into the base game if you own it, eventually leading to a huge world map crammed with all the factions.

The real question is: what will they name it? You can't get more Total than Total Warhammer without escalating into ridiculous names like Mega Total War and Super Total War Turbo.

The update adding Bretonnia, by the way, should be out now. Today also brings a new physical release, the Total War: Warhammer - Old World Edition. This, I'll explain for our younger readers, is a bit like how sandwiches come in plastic packaging but the sandwich here is a video game and doesn't contain awful dry pulled pork.

As for non-fantasy Total War, Bartholomew said:

"Meanwhile, our historical team are also working on a major triple-A title in an era we've not visited yet. Over 1.2 million people play Total War every month, with the majority playing our previous games. We haven't forgotten that."

So they've already done Sengoku-period Japan, Medieval Europe, Rome and Roman Europe, Europe of the Dark Ages, Napoleonic Europe, and the 18th century. By my reckoning, that leaves only... '70s and '80s English football hooliganism? I must say I'm surprised, but you can't argue with mathematics.

That, or they've finally given in and are making Total Warr, a game about epic battles for control of the RPS treehouse radio.

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