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Total War: Warhammer revamps original races tomorrow

Compete with power creep

Total War: Warhammer 2 is almost here, taking the hammerwar to new warlands with new warbands on September 28th, but what of the Old World? As new races and units have arrived in the hamwarworld over the past year, power creep has left some of the original residents of Total Warhammer [official site] a little weak and bland in comparison. Thankfully, developers The Creative Assembly are now addressing this problem with a big balance patch fixing old Old Worlders. Launching tomorrow, the Foundation Update will boost their power and also make them a little more interesting.

Full details are in the Foundation Update patch notes but, for those in a hurry, Creative Assembly offer this summary:

"All the old Legendary lords get bonus campaign buffs and extra skills trees. The Empire, under AI control, starts with an entire province, giving it a much stronger start. The Warriors of Chaos have a whole slew of tweaks and changes, increasing their campaign momentum and enabling easy vassalisation of Norscan tribes. And Wood Elves finally have new followers (Yay!) If these changes appear sweeping, it’s probably because they are, and the Old World is in for a shakeup."

Just because Twarhammer 2 is off somewhere new, it doesn't mean Old Worlders will be left behind. Not too long after the sequel launches, Creative Assembly will launch a new world map combining the two games for players who own both.

The update will launch tomorrow alongside free new Regiments of Renown and the Norsca Race Pack. The Norsca DLC will add that rabble as a playable race, though folks who don't own it can still meet them as foes. The DLC will cost £7.99/9,99€/$9.99 or be offered free to folks who pre-order Total Warhammer 2.

For those who like their words with a voice and some pictures, here's a Creative Assembler gabbing about the update:

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