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Tower Of Fantasy comes to Steam when Version 2.0 launches later this month

Alas, the Vera update is nothing to do with a certain Geordie detective

Sci-fi gacha MMO Tower Of Fantasy is heading to Steam on October 20th, the same day as its Version 2.0 Vera update arrives. The update adds the realm of Vera, where you’ll find the Gobby desert (really) and its cyberpunk city of Mirroria. Watch the very neon and sandy trailer below.

Tower Of Fantasy goes cyberpunk later in October.

While the name Vera may summon mental images of actor Brenda Blethyn in a trenchcoat, scarf and big floppy hat for some, this update actually adds new areas to Tower Of Fantasy. Mirroria is a massive shiny pyramid city that’s hovering in the middle of the desert. So far, so Stargate. Head inside, though, and you’re surrounded suddenly by a futuristic cyberpunk metropolis with a dose of Japanese culture thrown in. Judging by the trailer, the citizens of Mirroria have some major technical issues they might need help sorting out.

Devs Hotta Studio are hosting a preview livestream on October 13th. That should give us a closer look at what’s new with Vera. Expect to see new character Ruby, who wields the fiery floating eyeball Sparky. There’ll also be some new bosses and mounts, as Graham spotted when the Vera update was teased a few weeks after Tower Of Fantasy launched. All of this stuff is already in the Chinese version of the game but, like Genshin Impact and Lost Ark, it’s slowly making its way into the Western release.

Ed gave Tower Of Fantasy a go when it launched in August, but wasn’t as keen on it as MMO rival Genshin. “There's definite fun to be had in Tower Of Fantasy, as there's a lot of gacha systems at play to motivate you through some iffy questing,” he said. “It has the capacity to surprise and delight, but it's all underscored by a slight jank that's hard to overlook.”

Tower Of Fantasy is free to play, and lands on Steam on October 20th. If you plan on checking it out then it’s worth noting Rebecca’s round-up of the Tower Of Fantasy codes for October and our Tower Of Fantasy tier list.

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