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Tower Of Fantasy: What does CS mean?

Learn about CS and GS in Tower Of Fantasy

What is CS in Tower Of Fantasy, and why it is important? You may have noticed in your first session or two playing Tower Of Fantasy that you have a player level which increases over time. However, what isn't immediately obvious is that there's another stat which is often an even better indicator of how far you are into Hotta's open-world RPG, and how ready you are to face the combat trials ahead.

Read on to find out what CS means in Tower Of Fantasy, how it works, and why it is such an important stat to bear in mind as you play through the game.

What is CS in Tower Of Fantasy?

In Tower Of Fantasy, CS stands for Combat Strength, which is a score that indicates your overall power level. You might also see players online refer to it as GS, which stands for Gear Score. They are the same thing. Players just call it Gear Score sometimes because that's a more familiar name for it from other games.

You may have noticed a number with "CS" next to it in several menu screens in Tower Of Fantasy, such as your Character and Backpack screen, or next to a particular weapon. This is because each piece of gear that you can equip has its own CS rating, which is an indicator of how powerful that piece of gear is compared to other gear in the game. Your character also has their own CS rating, which is an aggregate score of all the CS ratings of the gear and weaponry you have equipped.

Part of the Tower Of Fantasy weapon screen showcasing the Thunderous Halberd weapon. A yellow annotation marks the area where the weapon's CS stat is displayed.

Put simply, your character's CS indicates your character's overall power. You can use this rating to figure out whether you are strong enough to take on a certain boss, area, or dungeon in Tower Of Fantasy. Some content in the game will provide you with a recommended CS rating that you should try to meet before proceeding - or else you might find yourself outmatched in combat strength by your adversaries in that area.

To learn more about your character's CS, take a look at our guide on how to increase CS in Tower Of Fantasy.

Hopefully this guide has answered your burning questions about what CS actually means whenever you've seen it crop up in Tower Of Fantasy. It's an important stat to look into, particularly when deciding upon the best Tower Of Fantasy weapons and characters to use. For more handy primers like this one, why not read up on how to change your hotbar food item in Tower Of Fantasy? Of course, strength doesn't only come from your weapons, so make sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy relic tier list to get an extra boost. If you want to get the best relic early, take a look at our guide on how to get the Colossus Arms in Tower of Fantasy.

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