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Tower Of Fantasy infinite climb: How to climb forever without losing stamina

Learn how to climb even the tallest cliffs with ease

Want to know how to infinite climb in Tower Of Fantasy? It's lovely when a thing's name matches its function, isn't it? Such is the case with the amazingly useful infinite climb movement tech in Hotta Studio's open-world RPG, which allows you to scale the highest cliffs from day one, with nary a thought to stamina consumption.

It's actually quite simple and easy to pull off with a bit of practice, too. Read on to learn how to infinite climb in Tower Of Fantasy.

How to infinite climb in Tower Of Fantasy

Infinite climbing is a very useful movement technique in Tower Of Fantasy, which allows you to bypass the usual stamina depletion of climbing if you can master the tech. Here's how to do it:

  1. Begin climbing the wall you wish to climb.
  2. Tap backwards and jump simultaneously to detach from the wall.
  3. Let go of backwards, and immediately double-jump.
  4. At the apex of your double-jump, hold forwards to attach yourself to the wall again.

Here's what the infinite climbing tech looks like in action:

Doing this repeatedly allows you to scale walls at a comparable speed to the usual jump-climbing, but without ever losing stamina. It might be a little tricky to get the rhythm down at first, but with a couple minutes of practice you should be able to start scaling towering heights with relative ease.

If you're having trouble using the infinite climb movement tech, it might be because you are holding one of the movement keys while double-jumping. Try to make sure you let go of everything else when you do that double jump at step #3, so that your character only moves straight upwards.

How nice it would be if all things in Tower Of Fantasy were as simple to learn. Well actually, some of them are - like what CS means in Tower Of Fantasy, or how to change your hotbar food item. But others require a little more reading time, such as our up-to-date Tower Of Fantasy tier list of best Simulacrum and weapons. In any case, we're working hard to bring you answers to all your burning Tower Of Fantasy questions, so stay tuned at RPS for more soon.

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