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Tower Of Fantasy ventures into a cyberpunk pyramid on Steam today

Coming to Valve's storefront along with its Version 2.0 update, Vera

Genshin-alike gacha MMO Tower Of Fantasy hops onto Steam today, and brings the new realm of Vera to the game. This desert area holds a floating pyramid that’s home to a bustling cyberpunk metropolis known as Mirroria, and the new flame-powered character Ruby. You can check out more of what’s coming with the Vera update by watching the trailer below.

Tower Of Fantasy's Version 2.0 Vera update arrives in the game, and on Steam, today.

The Steam version of Tower Of Fantasy syncs with other versions, so if you’ve already been playing another way you’ll not lose any progress. There’s also crossplay, which means you’ll be able to encounter anyone else playing on another platform. Tower Of Fantasy doesn’t support Steam friend lists or achievements right now, though. Once you’re in the game, you can explore the city of Mirroria on foot, by jetpack, or take a hover car around in proper Fifth Element and Blade Runner style. There’s also some new cyborg bosses to tackle in the form of the many-faced Puppet Singer, and many-armed, spider-like Weaver.

I’ve gotta say, if you’re going to hide a futuristic city that looks as cool as Mirroria anywhere then a giant floating pyramid in the middle of a desert is as suitable a place as any. Interestingly, you’ll be able to take things a bit Horizon: Zero Dawn, riding robot camels, although you can always jump on a hoverbike instead. I know which one I’d prefer. Your Wanderer can also battle a giant moose, and a big burrowing reptile with a mean-looking grin.

Tower Of Fantasy is a free to play download from Steam or the game’s site, here, samurai. Why not check out Rebecca's list of October's Tower Of Fantasy codes?

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