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Toy Story: Plush's Trailer Is Strangely Sinister

Plush is a game that proves even the most mundane things can be totally terrifying. It is a game about making room on a bed for a little girl's stuffed animal collection, which is already a better story than the last Call Of Duty. But there's something about the disembodied voice, the chirpy music, the pink room scheme, the script, and the floppy physics on the toys that makes me want to call an exorcist. Especially the pent-up frustration when she barks "Get off my bed!" at her tanks. You should be safe to watch the trailer, though: I blessed a can of Irn Bru, and I've made a cross out of a Twirl.

Being an adult, there's also part of me that wants to tell her to clean up her room and to treat toys with respect. It's pitched a kid's game, but asking a child to throw toys around seems like a bit of a busman's holiday to me. Still, I'd happily sit a bairn down in front of this and see if the toy tossing and plush plucking is entertaining, and I suspect it would be. You can tell it has origins in iThings and touch interfaces. The biggest difference is that the number of toys on screen will only be limited by your PC's power. I would like to build the most powerful PC imaginable to test that theory.

What a strange thing. I'm slightly baffled that it exists, and I'm not entirely sure how it works as a puzzle game. Maybe you have to include certain shapes and sizes per level? Anyway, it's coming "soon", which is also a fairly sinister phrase now I think about it.

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