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Choo choo! Toy train builder Tracks chugging into early access in September

Nostalgia Express

All aboard the nostalgia express! Free toy train set builder Tracks [official site] is getting a proper commercial release later this year, hauling a carriage-load of new features into the Steam Early Access station. Arrival date: September 28th.

I'm buying a ticket early for this one. The free version (which you can get here) is a pretty great, serene experience but lone developer Dr_Whoop (or Tom, if you prefer) is clearly been hard at work preparing new goodies for the full release. There's pretty decorations, new music, mechanisms to play with and objectives to complete.

I mean, just cast your eye over the trailer below. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

The thing that really impresses me is the animation. It looks like it's nailed that Cities: Skylines-style tightness, where everything just snaps together perfectly.

You can follow the incremental progress of the game on Dr_Whoop's Twitter account. Last week, for example, he put up a tweet showcasing the decorating system, setting down picture perfect houses around a loop in the trap and putting a fountain in the middle of them.

It even has adorable little wooden passengers ready to hop on board and take a ride round the track. Plus, wooden blocks that you can plonk down for your train to smash right through. Pretty cool, eh?

There's no mention of what it might cost yet, but here's the Steam page if you want to keep up to date. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

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