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Tracks - The Train Set Game departs early access in September

All aboard

Train-set simulator Tracks is punching its ticket for its 1.0 release this September, which is a very good excuse to watch some of its trailers through its time in early access. Seriously, peeking at all the different creations people have made with the game’s tiny items is incredibly satisfying, even if you’re not interested in playing yourself. Case in point, even though it’s not our platform, the Xbox One announcement trailer is a good place to start.

Here we can see the most up to date version of the game, which has added a lot since I last saw it. I also love that it shows off and contrasts both the most urban items, like the skyscrapers, and everything simulating pastoral idyll, like the cows and chickens.

But there’s so much more! Back in August of last year they were showing off their delightfully round people and also the fact that of course you don’t actually have to build a realistic place, you could just set up stacks of blocks for your train to barrel through.

Before that, there was the wintertime update, which is making me nostalgic for Christmas even though I am on record as a summertime devotee. Also train stunts. Obviously.

I could go on, but mostly I am excited to watch more complicated, detailed builds get made once Tracks launches out of early access in September. According to a post on its Steam page, the developer still plans “at least” two updates before then, “full of the usual mix of features and decorations.” So fingers crossed for more trailers for me too ooh and ahh over.

“I also have no plans to ‘abandon’ the game,” after its 1.0 launch, they write. “I'll keep adding whatever extra stuff is needed. Once this release development rush is done I'll take stock of the situation, look at feedback and make any future plans/road maps public so you know what is going on.”

Tracks 1.0 will be pulling into the station on September 20. It’s also currently 33% off on Steam, available for £10.04/$13.39/€11.24 through Monday, 29 July.

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Tracks - The Train Set Game

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