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Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Rolling On PC After All

So I haven't actually played Transformers: War For Cybertron, but Alec liked "the bit where the robot punched the other robot." If there is a more ringing endorsement - aside from, hypothetically, "it let me punch, kick, crush, blast, boil, mash, blend, throw the sun at, and gravely insult Shia Labeouf" - I've yet to hear it. For the longest time, however, its upcoming sequel was confined to the robo-space-planet of Consoletropolistopiatron, because developer High Moon Studios felt it wasn't capable of delivering an up-to-par port. Fair enough - given that War's port was a bit shoddy. Still though, nothing isn't generally better than something. So now, High Moon's passing the baton that turns into a fully featured kitchen off to the aptly named Mercenary Technology.

As GameSpy so eloquently put it before seeking clarification from Activision, "who?" Turns out, Mercenary's staffed by gobs of people who've worked on "an extremely diverse set ranging from aerospace avionics, flight sims, first person shooters, racing sims, music games, 3rd person action games, casual games, strategy games and more" on basically every platform imaginable. This is, however, the first console-to-PC port the wayward developer's ever taken a shot at. So, uh, fingers crossed?

On the upside, the PC version's launching day-and-date with its console cousins on August 28th. So, if - for some strange reason - you don't have the patience of a saint who also teaches kindergarten while working customer service when it comes to your robot-punching, you're in good hands.

So then, obviously, there was a fair amount of demand for this from, well, somewhere. Was it you, though? Did this thing make its way back onto PC due to honest-to-goodness fan love, or was it outcry that stemmed from the principle of the thing?

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