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Trundle In The Jungle: Far Cry 3 Footage

A body of Far Cry 3 details and footage has come bubbling to the surface of E3 like a bullet-riddled corpse in a greasy river. Since I was encouraging you lot to buy Far Cry 2 not two weeks ago, you'd think I'd be pumped as hard and tight as a tire about Far Cry 3. But I'm not, really. Come take a look for yourself. It looks great, but it doesn't look like it has the same will to break new ground.

All of the following is cheerily pinched from CVG. I've summarised their lengthy preview below, or you can read it in full here. After my summary you'll find their video showing an interview and plenty of footage.

  • It's set on a lush tropical island, a la Far Cry 1.
  • The aggressive AI is toned way down.
  • There'll be fast travel to nip around the world. Course, Far Cry 2 technically had fast travel. Ah, happy memories of fleeing goons to get to the local bus station.
  • The jungle will be full of animals and you will, from time to time, be expected to "deal with them".
  • Weapon degredation is gone.
  • It will be gory.
  • It'll be more bombastic in general.

Hmm. Far Cry 1 and 2 were both games defined by their desperation to innovate, and provided an FPS that was like nothing we'd ever played before. This looks a little more pedestrian. Gorgeous, yes, but less exciting from a design perspective. On the other hand, this looks purpose-built to please any of you lot who were frustrated with Far Cry 2. Swings and roundabouts.

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