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Try Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer for free this this weekend through Warzone

With five Modern Warfare maps

From today until Monday, you'll be able to play some of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer for free. This trial is actually taking place inside CoD: Warzone, their free-to-play battle royale game, with five Modern Warfare team deathmatch maps going on a special playlist. So if you're already playing Warzone, you're now invited to try its bigger, more expensive brother.

The free weekend starts at today at 6pm BST, and ends at the same time on Monday the 24th. You can download Warzone right here if you haven't got it already - but be warned, it's a hefty 85 GB.

According to Metro, the trial will offer 6v6 and 10v10 modes on five maps: Aniyah Incursion, Hovec Sawmill, Khandor Hideout, Shoot House, and Talsik Backlot.

Matt was a little iffy on the multiplayer in his Modern Warfare review, mostly because it's all very "samey" to previous games.

"I’m not saying it’s no good. If you’re the one person reading this who’s never played multiplayer COD before, you may well delight in hair-trigger lethality and near-instant respawns. In most modes, death comes with little consequence. The focus is on the moment: on twitchy reactions over clever stratagems. If you’re one of the many that know you like that sort of thing and annually dip in for another dose, this be that."

Now's a good time to test it out for yourself though, and if you're not a fan of MW, there's always some Warzone to fall back on. That game is permanently free, after all.

If you're after some help getting started with Warzone, we've got plenty of Call Of Duty Warzone tips to give you the drop on your enemies.

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