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Tunic, that cute Zelda-like you've been hearing about forever, finally has a release date

What does the fox say?

Praise be to Geoff and all the Keighleys! Tunic, that indie Zelda-like with a fox that you sort of thought was probably already out until I just told you it isn't yet, finally has a release date! As announced during The Game Awards last night, we can expect it to arrive on March 16th, 2022.

We've been hearing about Tunic for literal years now, and its omnipresence at showcases and announceathons like The Game Awards has kept it on everyone's radar the whole time. Feast your eyes on what will hopefully be one of the last trailers for it, until the happy day we post about a launch trailer.

Tunic is a top down, isometric adventure game where you play as a very cute little fox in Link cosplay. We first posted about it on RPS in 2015, which is monstrous to think about, before it officially changed its name from Secret Legend to Tunic a whole four years ago. This little fox (still third runner up in the internet's cute animal of choice stakes despite how good they are at eating eggs) will explore creepy dungeons and fight monsters.

Despite the easy comparison to Zelda (so easy that I made it in the headline, in fact), people who got a bit of hands on time with Tunic discovered it can be surprisingly tough - though it's not meant to be a Soulslike either. Our Imogen had a sit down with developer Andrew Shouldice to talk about it, where he said that "Tunic is meant to evoke feelings of those older video games where it's like this big place to explore, and there are places you're not ready for."

Look out for Tunic's release via Steam on March 16th 2022, and discover more for yourself.

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