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Turn your head into a pumpkin with Two Point Campus’ wizardry course

Strap on your pointiest hats in August

Who doesn’t want to go to wizard school? In fairness a few people, probably, and they'd best steer clear of Sega and Two Point Studios’ Two Point Campus when it launches later this year, because there’s going to be a canny few wizards kicking about being all magical. Two Point Studios have shown off a new trailer for one of the courses to expect when you arrive on campus, which has a lot of the potion brewing and casting of spells that you’d expect from even a magical academic establishment.

It doesn’t look like the full-blown wizard school RPG you might be hoping for, but it’s a lark all the same. The most appealing thing to me is the magical battle club involving glowing hexagrams and much flailing of wands, although wandering around with a pumpkin for a head seems perfectly normal at Two Point Campus’ Spiffinmore University, which would make for a unique freshers week. The wizardry course also seems to involve several rubber duck jokes, which you can only approve of. This probably won't be the only course on offer. Fingers crossed for some kind of necromantic counterpoint, which could synergise with Two Point Studios' other game...

Nic Reuben enjoyed his time spent recuperating for his Two Point Hospital review back in the innocent, pre-pandemic days of 2018. “The sense of relief and joy I got after my first hour with Two Point Hospital was palpable enough to turn into a pill, bottle, and then overcharge for,” he said. And Two Point Hospital has had a pretty long post-release road since then, with seven chonky enough themed DLCs - the latest dropping just last month.

Sega announced earlier this month that Two Point Campus has been delayed to August 9th from May, but it's up for pre-order on Steam and is yet another day-one launch on Game Pass for PC.

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