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Two Point Campus getting mod support with more flexibility than its predecessor

But it won't run via Steam Workshop

Two Point Hospital allowed for modding via the Steam Workshop, but it only extended as far as being able to add wallpapers, rugs and a handful of other graphocs. Two Point Studios announced today that they have grander plans for their collegiate follow-up Two Point Campus. They're working on adding modding to the game, and it will include being able to add and amend in-game items.

The news was discussed in the latest post over on the Two Point site. "We're working on getting modding into Two Point Campus so you, our lovely community, can make super cool stuff for your fellow players," says the post. "In our previous game, Two Point Hospital, we enabled Steam Workshop and had the ability for players to make their own custom wallpapers, rugs, and so on. We wanted to take this a bit further in Two Point Campus though, so for the first time ever, we'll be enabling players to mod actual items in the game."

Where Two Point Hospital used Steam Workshop to support the hosting and sharing of mods, Two Point Campus will instead use the Mod.io platform. This is good news if you play on console, because it means that the same mods available on PC will also be accessible on your chosen platform. If you're a PC player, however, it's arguably less convenient than having the mods downloadable via the Steam interface.

Mod.io is already a quite familiar mod platform, at least, and is used in other games such as Humankind and Deep Rock Galactic.

While 'item modding' will come first, Two Point Studios say that, "If all goes well, we'll start looking into what other areas of the game we can do to give you more power to adjust your experience in unique and interesting ways." For now, they're looking for some experienced modders to help them test the feature. There are details available at the above link.

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