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Two Point Hospital's Speedy Recovery DLC adds ambulance management later this month

Race to the rescue

Sickroom simulator Two Point Hospital is getting a new mode in its upcoming DLC. Carry injured patients to see the appropriate healthcare professional, but forget the old fashioned ambulance. Instead, you'll be able to dispatch a fleet of modern alternatives, from the clown car to the Airloovator. But be quick, because other local hospitals have their own transport, and they're also trying to scoop up the hot commodities - er, I mean, sick people.

Alongside all the shiny new rides to tear about town in, the Speedy Recovery DLC will add new locations, treatment rooms, and a host of fresh weird and wonderful illnesses for you to cure. Like the classic 'accidentally got your entire head stuck in a beehive' disease. Happens to the best of us.

I'm trying not to imagine just how sticky and unpleasant it would be to have honey squeezed and smooshed all around your face. Not sure that a ride in a flying lav would make up for it, personally. Maybe if you at least get to take the honey home afterwards to stir into your tea.

The base game scooped up a coveted Bestest Best sticker from us in our Two Point Hospital review, as well as making it onto our list of the 20 best management games on PC right now, so this might be a good excuse to jump in and get to curing some sicknesses. Or, if you're already a fan, it might tide you over until Two Point's newer management sim, Two Point Campus, drops in May.

The Speedy Recovery DLC will be racing through the streets, sirens blaring, to Steam and the Microsoft Store on March 15. It'll cost £7.

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