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TXT World!

You have found it. This is the fabled Frog Fractions 2, long searched-for and ultimately found hidden within Glittermitten. It is similar in many ways to Frog Fractions 1, which was free, excellent and possessed by the same spirit.

TXT World! is the main element of FF2, your primary home once you have escaped Glittermitten Grove, and the hub for all the other minigames. Heavily based on Tim Sweeney’s (of Epic fame) ANSI adventure ZZT. Touch of the Zeldas to it. Find keys and weapons to progress through mazes, enemies and traps. Expect sweeping change at any moment. A delicious, compelling, beautifully unpredictable puzzlebox.

A three-year-old’s review:

“These games are fun!”

“Why is he hitting the gorillas?”

“Is he getting stuck? I wonder how he can get out”

“I love this one because it’s got so many nice colours. I love this one I really love it wow wow la la la la jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way [repeat]”

“Let’s do a different one, shall we?”

“The gorillas are my favourite, favourite things in the game because they’re my favourite colour. And the little pink thing. Can you write down that I like that as well?”