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Hearthstone Who? Uno Coming August 9th

Who's it for?

Ubisoft are releasing Uno [official site] for PC! I'm just going to assume that you know what Uno is. It's a card game, okay? And Uno used to be my jam, in an embarrassing way. This is Uno with multiplayer and customizable house rules. Nobody ever agrees on how to play card games anyway. This game is probably for your kids or your nostalgia.

Fine, if you don't know what Uno is well... Uno rules: you have yellow cards, green cards, red cards, and blue cards. Then there are wild cards, which are the most fun of the cards because they can do pretty much whatever they want. Since this is a computer game, it's probably going to work a little bit like online poker, but hopefully less sleazy. I bet you anything people will be betting on it in no time. Back to the rules: you're piling all your cards on top of each other until somebody has one card left and has to yell Uno.

It supports voice and video chat so I wonder if the game will actually notice if you scream "Uno!" at the top of your lungs. In the cardboard version, if you don't remember to yell you must draw extras cards. Either way, I'm sure there will be lots of families and kids playing this so, I don't know, keep cussing to a minimum?

Like most contemporary board/card games-turned-computer games, Uno will have leaderboards. You may fulfil your dream of being the best in the whole wide world at Uno someday. Along with themed decorated decks, Ubisoft say it'll have house rules and "never-before-seen Theme Cards that really change the way you play the game!"

Uno will be out August 9th.

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