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Uh, Thanks: No Splinter Cell Demo

Ubisoft, as part of their current PR campaign to win the hearts and minds of PC gamers, are taking a new approach. Not only will anyone wanting to play Splinter Cell: Conviction be forced to keep their PC permanently online (and hope Ubisoft's own servers stay online over a weekend) if they want to be able to play the single player game, but now very disappointingly there's no demo for the PC player.

As reported by Blend Games, today's demo for the latest Sam Fisher stealth-em-up is to be released for the Xbox 360 only.

""Sorry guys," said Ubisoft community manage Li Kuo on Twitter. "Tomorrow's demo is for X360 only. There are no plans for a PC demo."

The game's due out on the 15th April, but sadly you won't receive an opportunity to discover whether it's worth gambling your money with the idiotic DRM before taking the plunge. Clearly no publisher is under any obligation to release a demo. But when one is available for the 360, it seems extremely strange not to offer the same for PC.

Thanks to Chris for the tip.

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