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UK deal alert: AMD's Ryzen 5800X3D is down to £349 after a £110 discount

A great price for a CPU that challenges Intel's 12900K and Ryzen 7000.

The Ryzen 7 5800X3D is one of AMD's fastest gaming CPUs - and the only one of the top contenders that runs on cheap and widely available AM4 motherboards with DDR4 RAM. Earlier this week we covered a deal for the 5800X3D in the US, and now we're back to finish the job with a deal for the UK market.

Right now Ebuyer are taking orders for the 5800X3D at £349, a solid £110 discount from its UK RRP. A lot of folks have already jumped on this deal, using up Ebuyer's existing stock, but you can order now for delivery on October 31st - and get a spooky Halloween upgrade for your PC.

So what makes this chip so good? Basically, it takes the design of the 5800X, already a strong performer with an eight-core, 16-thread design, and adds in an absolute butt-ton of L3 cache, stacked vertically for 96MB in total. By comparison, the vanilla 5800X has only 32MB, so this is a tripling of the cache in exchange for very slightly slower turbo frequencies - 4.7GHz on the 5800X vs 4.5GHz on the 5800X3D. In content creation workloads, that means the 5800X is slightly faster - but in basically all games, the 5800X3D is faster... and sometimes, it's a lot faster.

In my 5800X3D testing for Digital Foundry, I regularly saw performance leaps of 33% over the standard 5800X, pushing the CPU into the same league as the incredibly powerful (and significantly more expensive) Core i9 12900K, which was itself running with faster (and significantly more expensive) DDR5 RAM.

The 5800X3D is basically the only AM4-compatible CPU to hit this level of performance in some games, making it a great value alternative to Ryzen 7000, Intel 12th-gen or Intel 13th-gen - and it does so using cheap B550/X570 (or earlier!) motherboards and cheap DDR4-3200 to DDR4-3600 RAM.

And if that's not worth an earnest deals post, I don't know what is. Hopefully we'll see more discounts on this in-demand CPU over the next few months, but for now this is an awesome price for one of the best gaming CPUs!

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