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UK Writers' Guild Noms: Go Go Gillen & Stern

The Writers' Guild of Great Britain - a rather different entity to the US Writers' Guild - last week announced its nominees for assorted mediums' most lauded writers. Included are the obscure likes of 'television', 'theatre', 'books' and 'radio', but fortunately Best Videogame keeps things relevant to our little corner of the internet. This is a prize given only to UK writers, so who do we think got a nod? Some clever people, that's who.

Here we go:

Brink - Ed Stern
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Alex Garland and Tameem Antoniades
The Curfew - Kieron Gillen

I know two of those men! Well, who can truly be said to know The Gillen? Hearty congratulations and all the best of terribly British luck to both him and the lovely Mr Stern from Splash Damage. And to the other two, of course, though I don't know them personally and their reportedly splendid game didn't come out on PC, so I shall remain proudly biased (if conflicted) in this matter.

We'll find out who won on November 16.

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