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How I Nearly Starred In Ultima Online 2

This is by far the most egomaniacal RPS post I've ever written (and that's even though I've found plenty of vague excuses to run pictures of my cat and my girlfriend here previously). But I can't pass this one up. I can't. Massively's investigation into what the long-cancelled (OR IS IT?) (It is. That version of it, anyway). Ultima Online 2 would have been like turns up a key fact. The game would have contained just three playable races at launch, a step down from UO1. However! These races were to be bog-standard humans, the warrior-like Juka and the magical Meer. Man! That would have done so much good for RPS' Google rank.

Now, you must call me The Magical Meer. The Magical Meer demands it.

Other than the fact the game would have starred the namesake of everyone's some people's my mum's favourite pint-sized games journalist, there's plenty worth absorbing about the intended contents and sad collapse of the game also clumsily known as Ultima Worlds Online: Origins. Give the Massively piece a read, plus an olden trailer lurks below to pull at your heartstrings too.

That looks pretty great, even to some respect today. A little bit Quake-y, a little bit Ultima Underworld-y, a little bit something all its own. Pretty sure that wasn't the original soundtrack, however. Or was that Garriott singing?

Yours faithfully,
The Magical Meer.

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