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Ultimate Audio Bang podcast: what shooter goes well with D&D?

Roll a 1 to shoulder barge an alien

On this week's episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang podcast Imogen and I chat EA sharing Apex Legends' ping system with other companies, Call Of Duty: Vanguard things, and the fact Destiny 2 is adding a big lady. I for one am a fan of this big lady, as her getup reminds me of a candelabra, which is nice.

For our theme, we consider what FPS universes would make for a good Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Predictably we fall back on some old favourites, including Overwatch and Imogen's desire to roleplay as Reinhardt and bash everything with a large hammer.

It was Imogen's turn to surprise me with some player names, and we learn a lot about each other and our reactions to certain fruit. After this episode, I'm not sure I'll ever eat a kiwi again.

To check out this week's edition of Ultimate Audio Bang, you can listen in the player above, or you can subscribe via your podcatching app of choice. RSS feed, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, TuneIn, Deezer: listen to us chat about all things shooters however you like.

Publisher Activision Blizzard is currently being sued by the State of California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), in a lawsuit alleging a "frat boy" culture that has created "a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women". Several high-level staff, including former president J. Allen Brack, have stepped down. This week the DFEH further alleged that Activision Blizzard have suppressed evidence.

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