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Ultra Street Ultra Fighter Ultra IV Ultra!


I think I know what hell will be like. It will be someone demanding you put all the Street Fighter games in order on a shelf. The latest entry to the entirely garbled series will be Ultra Street Fighter IV, come August next year. It evolves to the next level!

So here I could read around the subject and bluff my way through the new features in this latest version of the 2008 game. Or I could entirely make them up. But which is it?!

Ultra O.K. K.O. System: Ultra Street Fighter IV is to take the classic and well-loved K.O.s from the original game, and gives them a significant boost. Now players can store up O.K. points during the fight, sacrificing power during the main combat to deliver a more spectacular finishing move, with the potential to unlock a new moustache.

Online Bathing: Favourite characters can now be taken online in an all-new multiplayer ablutions system. One of SFIV's most popular additions to the series was the addition of character sweating, allowing B.O. attacks. In this update, that sweat can lead to fungal infections, so you have to weigh up the advantages against that, and choose whether to take them to the online baths. Those who play as Rufus are especially advised to take advantage of this.

New special moves: Joining Crimson Viper's Ultra Combo Death Drill Practice Drill Of Death is The Sit Down. Meanwhile Seth will get a new spin, and Chun-Li adds hammers to her arsenal.

Groins: Ever more groins.

You can find out much more in the trailer below. Please take your Ritalin now:

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