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Undead gunslinger West Of Dead wrangles up a PC beta next week

Ready? Draw.

Fancy spending Valentine's Day rootin' and tootin' with an undead Ron Perlman? West Of Dead, a pistol-whipping twin-stick announced at XO19 last November, is celebrating the loveliest holiday with its first PC open beta. Starting February 14th, developers Upstream Arcade are kicking open the gates of Purgatory, Wyoming for a ten-day trip into West Of Dead's corpse-filled caves - no roses required.

Being announced at a Microsoft show and all, those pesky Xbox players beat us to the grave with a console-exclusive open beta last year. Well, I reckon it's high time we showed 'em who's got the fastest pistols in town.

There's a catch, mind. You'll need to sign up to the West Of Dead newsletter before snagging a code. What did you expect? There's always a deal with the devil to be made.

West Of Dead's big sell is actor Ron Perlman, lending his grit-laced voice to the game's skull-faced hero. It's a good voice, for sure. But there's a heck of a lot more going on here than Hellboy narrating sweet nothings into my headset.

There's a proper heft to West Of Dead. Heavy, high impact shots ring death as tables flip, skeletal cowpokes dodging between tombstones like a grim, otherworldly Enter The Gungeon. It's also a hell of a looker. West Of Dead flaunts a bold, striking look that - while I wouldn't fault anyone for not taking to - utterly captures the vibe of a high-stakes western hell, where every wrong step can kill.

West Of Dead is set to launch on Steam later this Spring.

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