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Under The Sea: Seaquence Lets You Create Musical Fish

Just friendly crustaceans

This is a fun toy. Seaquence is one of many browser tools/games which allow you to create patterns of beats, by putting squares within a looping grid, twisting the pitch and seeing what happens. It's the only such game/tool that turns each of your loops into fish, your waveforms forming their body and each note tapping along their antennae.

It's free, runs in your browser, and I'm sure you can do better than me.

It's also from 2011, but that hardly seems something to hold against it. Here's a trailer:

After you've created your fish, you can click and drag them around the pool, moving them closer or further away from the central 'microphone'. You can also hit the share button to give them a name and allow other people to hear the mess you've made. Here's the central rift from Enter Sandman by Metallica. Sort of.

The thing is obviously limited, as you're only ever creating a two-second loop with no progression, but it's a fun way to mess around with music creation in just a few minutes. It's created by Gray Area Foundation For The Arts, who "use digital tools to create art and design projects that benefit society." They're using the game to raise funds to help support future products. You can find more about Gray Area at their site, or read about the rewards for donating here.

Or you can listen to this mess I made and post your better creations in the comments, as a way to make this Friday go faster.

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