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Un'Goro Quest decks

Our growing round-up of Quest decks for every hero in Hearthstone.

The new Journey to Un'Goro expansion adds a new Quest mechanic to Hearthstone, and the way it works is really quite simple. Each hero gets one unique Quest card that - assuming you've included it in your deck - is guaranteed to show up in your opening hand. It only costs one Mana to play, and once it's out on the board it starts you off on your own personal adventure.

Should you manage to complete the very specific requirements of the Quest in question (and keep in mind they can be tricky to pull off), you'll receive a special reward. This might add a flurry of extra cards to your deck, for example, or reward you with one particularly powerful minion. Who actually gets what with this new system is quite varied, so here's a quick run through all of the Quest cards:

Druid Quest card

Druid Quest reward

Hunter Quest card

Hunter Quest reward

Mage Quest card

Mage Quest reward

Paladin Quest card

Paladin Quest reward

Priest Quest card

Priest Quest reward

Rogue Quest reward

Rogue Quest reward

Shaman Quest card

Shaman Quest reward

Warlock Quest card

Warlock Quest reward

Warrior Quest card

Warrior Quest reward

What about the actual decks though? Well, it's incredibly early days for these new archetypes, but from this page you'll be able to get going with one solid Quest deck for each class. Within those individual guides, we'll slowly add different deck lists which you can try out if you happen to have the cards to play with.

In time we will no doubt have highly refined, definitive versions of each one of these decks, but please be careful with your crafting dust in these early days. Some cards that are hyped before release always turn out to be underwhelming once they hit the broader metagame, and we don't want you wasting valuable resources.

If you've got lucky with your card packs though - or you're just swimming in spare dust - give some of these fantastic new decks a spin!

Quest decks by hero

Druid Quest deck

Hunter Quest deck

Mage Quest deck

Paladin Quest deck

Priest Quest deck

Rogue Quest deck

  • Quest Rogue deck list guide (The Caverns Below)
  • Shaman Quest deck

    Warlock Quest deck

    Warrior Quest deck

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